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Terms & Conditions

This certificate entitles you to an annual membership in the Dining Savers Club you will receive access to The Latest and Greatest Fast Food & Restaurant Coupons and as a bonus you will receive a $25 Restaurant Certificate every month for the next 12 months as long as you log in to your Dining Savers Club account area. Your cost to redeem this certificate to become a member of the Dining Savers Club is just a one time non-refundable $29.95 processing fee. After you activate this certificate, simply log into your Dining Savers Club account using the certificate code printed on this certificate at least once every month to receive a Bonus $25 Restaurant Certificate. Every 30 days we will display a new code within your Dining Savers Club account that you can use to activate at a restaurant of your choice of participating restaurants. If you forget to log into your account on any given month during your Dining Savers Club membership you will lose out on the $25 Restaurant Certificate for that month permanently. You may continue to receive future months if you have outstanding qualifying months: Simply continue to log into your account the next month to receive your $25 Restaurant Certificate for that month. You can only receive 1 complimentary $25 Restaurant Certificare each month of your annual membership. Please note that each individual restaurant may apply certain conditions for using your $25 Restaurant Certificates. Conditions may include but are not limited to: 18% gratuitu added to bill before discount, $50 minimum food order requirement, alcoholic beverages not included in total, etc. Before using any of the available Fast Food and Restaurant Coupons and your monthly $25 Restaurant Certificates please be sure to read the specific terms and conditions of each coupon to make sure you afree to their offering. Recipient must have an email address, internet access and the ability to print out Coupons and Restaurant Specific Certificates. No purchaser should rely upon representations other than those included in this certificate and that what is printed on the actual coupons and restaurant certificates. This certificates is void if discontinued or where prohibited by law. The terms of this certificate are subject to change without notice. This certificate shall be deemed null and void if sold to the recipient. This certificate is good for U.S. residents only.